Friday, April 17, 2015

Snippets of life!

It's been too long since I've written lists for these snippets of life. LIST TIME!

  • My planner shows one week on each page so when I was noting something for Sunday, I was already open to the page with May 1. That baffles me.
  • One of my classes has a group project. It calls for me to interview the person I'm paired with, and he will interview me. I do not see his questions ahead, but each of our interviews are supposed to be 45 minutes-1 hour. I will need to then fully transcribe interviewing him (4-5.5 hours for every 1 hour of blah) and have to upload it and the audio file within a week. We're supposed to remain as flexible as possible. Most of the students in this program are in my time zone, but my interview partner? Nope. Out west in good ole PST. He wrote back to me with each day next week with when he is NOT available because it's easier than listen when he is. Oh good. Every single day he is not available at 6 or 6:30 AM until 9 or 9:45 PM. THE WHOLE TIME. So, do I stay up until midnight to START 1.5-2 hour phone conversation?!?! Ugh. I do not like group projects. (feel free to insert 2 y.o. me "I do it myself!")
  • So, I have this bad (or good...I hesitate to put a value judgment on it) habit of using things well past their prime. Most people shake their heads at me and tell me to throw those things away. However, my friend Katherine and I see eye to eye on this. We use past date make-up, lotion, band-aids, sunscreen, etc. including (And let's pretend the next bit is in a hushed voice) My scientist fiance does not. In fact, he's pretty funny when he cooks. Where I eyeball most things and just toss in whatever I think will make the recipe taste good, he measures, has all the ingredients necessary, and only uses those. He follows recipes. He sets timers, most often on the microwave. I turn on the oven light or open the pot and see how it looks and smells. This article made me think of our differences and laugh, except I resonate with several points too.

    Anyway, I usually feel okay about my casual attitude toward expiration dates and cooking. But did I tell you about the time I thought I gave him food poisoning from old eggs or chicken past its prime because it was in my fridge but I wasn't eating much of that at home? We found out he'd gotten a stomach bug from someone at work that hit me a little later. For a couple of hours though, I thought I should really question my love and caring about another person if I actually gave him food poisoning. Whew. Dodged a bullet there.
  • How is the bathroom at Kroger much cleaner and nicer than the one at Bed Bath & Beyond?? With fresh flowers even!
  • Chuckle at the receipt for Lampo, the new pizza restaurant.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear with me in love

This is today's StoryPeople. I love Brian Andreas's words and usually quirky little people accompanying them. This is today's and though about a woman, it could just as easily be about a man.

It's lovely. I'm learning a lot about this man and planning life with someone. I'm feeling all the emotions, partly due to all this delight, partly due to lack of sleep, partly due to stress or many other things changing, partly because my bff is about to have two babies, partly because of a lot of things I can't say here, et cetera, et cetera. My heart is a little mooshy these days, and I've seen tears at least 4 times this week.

Bear with me. I fully anticipate these next weeks will be overwrought with emotion.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adjustments and quotes

I have been meaning to write this all week and actually started on a bit last week, but well, my time has been slipping away these days! Related--y'all, SEVENTY-NINE DAYS. WHAT?!? Yeah, so it was 100 days like yesterday; then BAM! 79.

This will never not be crazy. All of it.

A few weeks ago I noticed something that is also crazy. I tried to take a picture to share with you, but you cannot see it in the picture. When my engagement ring slid on my finger, I saw a bit of shiny skin. Upon further inspection, I could see that the light rubbing of the ring on my skin has been polishing it and basically erasing the little lines in my handprint. I have had this for 2.5 months, with the exception of taking it off a couple of times when reaching into the garbage disposal or other gross things and the week or two for resizing. It's safe to say 2 months wearing it...which is apparently enough time to start erasing the little lines that have defined who I am for 33+ years.

Change is sometimes difficult, not matter how much you desire the change. The Matt bit isn't hard. He's the easiest person in the world to be around. The getting married bit isn't really hard. But all the related stuff. I'm taking a new name. We're merging accounts and stuff (at some point when it's necessary and we get some time and can think through so you know, probably in 2018). Good gracious, we're even going to join our mobile phone plans for plan. I'm going to be a wife. I do not think anything adequately prepares you for the shift to a new identity, new role, new family, merged accounts and lives, and combining Netflix. My brain and personality especially make a shift of any sort difficult. It is like changing to 6th gear while at 5 mph. There is so much going on in the back of my mind at all times these days. A bit of work and related stuff I need to deal with, a bit of school assignments and readings, a bit of desire to just go on a vacation somewhere, a bit of loving on others, a bit of trying to figure out when to get some sleep and make my body slow down, a bit of trying to take care of myself, a bit of wedding logistics, and quite a bit of all of the stuff that goes into this new life thing.

So when people keep asking me if wedding planning is causing my life to be busy or taking over my life, it's not. It is basically a 20% effort activity at the moment. Mental/emotional energy--let's say 20% wedding, 20% work, 25% school, and 35% all the life changes and related everything. Whew.

Ending this with some fun quotes from Matt.

I will always fight for you... With the exception of when we play board games and I'm against you. Then, I might not fight so hard for you.
LOL!! And then after he goes into quite a story without realizing it...
(snapping back to reality) I just gave you a lecture on alternative building materials for no good reason.
And lastly, I told him about playtime with a cousin when we were kids and the details of the little library we set up because instead of playing house, we preferred playing library. He grabs my shoulders, looks at me intently, and then says...
Aww, sweetie...I'm sorry to tell you this're kind of a nerd.